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Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 černá

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Výrobce: Red SeaRed Sea
Dostupnost: na objednávku 21 - 30 dní
71.724,00 Kč , plus doprava
Doba dodání: 21 - 30 Dnů
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Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 černá

Red Sea REEFER™ Peninsula Systems

Rimless reef-ready systems for advanced hobbyists


REEFER™ Peninsula

If you’re looking to add the distinctive beauty of a Peninsula-style coral reef aquarium to your home or office, you don’t need a custom-built system to do so. Red Sea’s new REEFER™ Peninsula brings color and ambiance to any living or office space at a fraction of the cost of a custom installation.




Available in 125cm (49.2″) long/ 500 liter (132 gal) or 160cm (63″) long/650 liter (173 gal), the REEFER™ Peninsula offers an impressive and elegant room divider solution with all of the features of our advanced REEFER™ systems. A rimless, ultra-clear glass coral reef aquarium is formed into a perfect peninsula that gives you a fascinating view from all three sides, adding complexity and intrigue to any reefscape.


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